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Boston Pirate Parties

Boston Pirate Parties offers an exciting and fun-filled children’s birthday party program ideal for kids ages 3 through 10.  Boy and girls love dressing up as pirates for the occasion and play acting the roles associated with the pirate theme.   Our Boston Pirate Parties actor arrives dramatically costumed and   leads the 1 ¼ hour long festivities in a series of fun activities which keep the children fully engaged in the fantasy.   A Boston Pirate Party makes a wonderful birthday party idea for your child’s next celebration.   And please visit Boston Princess Parties  to learn about our programs for the girls.

A Boston Pirate Party is games, music and so much more

Boston Pirate Parties consist of several really fun activities.  Typically parents invite all guests to come already costumed in their pirate attire.  Upon the arrival of our Boston Pirate Parties actor, he begins by making balloon swords for each of the little pirates for they will need them when it comes to the sword fighting training.  Games of all sorts are introduced into the mix all based on the tales and myths of pirates centuries ago.  A Boston Pirate Party will also include singing and even dancing the jigs as done on the old ships as they roamed the high seas in search of treasure.   Our experienced actors are adept at gearing their choice of activities and games to the general age of your group. (More sophisticated concepts are planned for an older band of pirates.)

Pirate Parties in the Boston Area and throughout most of New England

Boston Pirate Parties are available for the at home birthday party or at a venue of your choice.  We service Massachusetts, Rhode Island, southern New Hampshire and parts of Connecticut.  Our male and female pirates, all professional actors, are experienced as children’s entertainers in Boston and throughout most of New England.  They are excellent at creating the “make believe” atmosphere for a theme party of this type and receive praise for their efforts everywhere they go.  Please view our website here at Boston Pirate Parties  and learn more about the programs.  Our photo gallery will demonstrate the high quality of costuming you may expect and introduce you to our crew.

Contact Boston Pirate Parties for fees and availability

For further information regarding our programs, fees and availability, please call our party planners seven days per week.  We will gladly answer questions and do our best to make your child’s birthday celebration a great success!

781-647-1000      or     800-556-2911
*Boston Pirate Parties is a division of Urban Circus Events

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