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Boston Pirate Parties is a division of Urban Circus Events, Inc



Boston Pirate Parties features a dynamic crew of professional actors
Boston Pirate Parties has enlisted a company of intrepid buccaneers to entertain at birthday parties in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, southern New Hampshire and parts of Connecticut.  All professional actors, experienced as children’s entertainers in Boston and throughout the area, we offer exciting and fun filled programs for theme parties appropriate for kids, ages 3 through 10.  Adept at inspiring the imagination of children within the context of a pirate theme drama, our actors lead the festivities with high energy and charisma delighting everyone.  The activities presented in our various programs are designed to engage the kids in interactive play as well as create a “make believe atmosphere” which is the heart and soul of the experience.  Our gallery of pirates offers a close up look at our colorful crew.

 Boston Pirate Parties characters make dazzling impressions in their authentic looking costumes
Clad in top of the line pirate attire, our Boston Pirate Parties actors make a big impression on the young pirates as they make their entrance.  The children respond with real excitement to the authentic look presented before them and know that they are in for a real treat as playing pirates for the next hour of the celebration.  Our Boston Pirate Party actors proceed to encourage the children to embrace their natural ability to behave as pirates in search of treasure on the high seas in years of old.  Girls love the parties every bit as much as the boys as our actors include them on an even keel.

Boston Pirate Parties actors are loved wherever they go
Our Boston Pirate Parties actors receive great reviews for their excellent presentations of our programs.  Able to gear the party style to the various age groups before them, they engage the interest of your child and his guests quickly and maintain a high level of energy throughout the festivities. 
Please visit our Boston Princess Parties to see the enchanting programs available especially for the girls. 

Boston Pirate Parties Contact information
For further information regarding rates, availability and programs, please call us seven day per week.  We are glad to answer inquiries and strive to provide excellent service to our customers throughout New England.  For other entertainment categories, be sure to visit Urban Circus Events

781-647-1000      or     800-556-2911

*Boston Pirate Parties is a division of Urban Circus Events

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