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Boston Pirate Parties

Offering top quality children’s birthday party entertainment

Featuring professional actors

Exciting theme party programs for kids 3 through 10


Pirate Parties are 1 ¼ hour long and consist of fun filled activitiesTreasure Chest

                    pirate training                         
                    balloon art
                    photo session

* Parties are lead by our professional actors who set the stage for your child and his guests to experience the “make believe world of pirates”

*Party programs can accommodate up to 12 children.  Extra time is available for larger parties.


Boston Pirate Parties program make an exciting theme party choice for both boys and girls

A Boston pirate party is a great way to celebrate your child’s birthday.  Our programs offer a series of fun activities which entertain the kids from start to finish.  Our professional actors, costumed in authentic looking pirate attire, lead the parties with dramatic play acting skills which inspire the children to believe in the fantasy of a pirate’s adventure.  The party experience creates vivid memories of their special day and is “treasured” for years to come.  Boston Pirate Parties and Boston Princess Parties are known for delivering excellence in the realm of children’s entertainment in Boston, throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, southern New Hampshire and parts of Connecticut. 

Boston Pirate Parties programs provide exciting children’s entertainment
Customarily the children are invited to costume themselves before coming to the party.  Some parents may wish to make costuming part of the festivities and provide accessories such as pirate hats, eye patches and plastic swords as party favors.  The kids love ‘’dressing up” and making ready for their adventure before the arrival of their fearless captain. 

Our Boston Pirate Party actor makes his appearance and immediately gets the festivities in gear with a variety of activities.  Depending on the general age of the group, he may start off with games and music, pirate training, balloon art and even a tale or two about his misadventures traveling the world in search of treasure.  Always in character, our Boston Pirate Party actor delights the children with his charisma, and dynamic personality.  With parents taking the pictures, he’ll pose in groups and individually with each guest making the photo shoot a fun and lively part of the celebration.   Our pirate will gladly lead his young mates in the Happy Birthday cake ceremony.  Our pirate typically stays 1 ¼ hour and can accommodate his presentation for up to 12 children.  For larger parties, extra time is available.

Contact Boston Pirate Parties for more information
For more information concerning our programs, availability and rates, please call one of our party planners seven days per week.  And view our website Boston Princess Parties for birthday party ideas designed for the girls.

781-647-1000      or     800-556-2911

*Boston Pirate Parties is a division of Urban Circus Events

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